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Choose From Several Lineup Options

DataForce Fantasy Football not only offers a variety of games, but also a variety of lineup options Each option requires different draft strategies, since much of your draft strategy must be based on player availability. For example, if you play in a league which allows two quarterbacks to start simultaneously, the value of quarterbacks rises.

Roster Requirements Chart

This chart shows the various options available, with the number of starters allowed at each position.

Standard 12-33-41-21110818
Flex 11-32-41-2119918
Superflex 1-21-32-41-31110818
Deep 22-43-52-422151126

Roster Adjustments For Multi-Year Leagues

Multi-year leagues have identical lineup restrictions, but with the following roster adjustments. Injured Reserve slots are available only to players who have been placed on Injured Reserve by their respective NFL teams, and anyone who is activated by the NFL must be removed from your I.R. slots.

OptionAddl BenchI.R.
Keeper Leagues24
Dynasty Leagues44
Contract Leagues44
Salary Cap Leagues04