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Fantasy Football Scoring Rules

For simplicity, all of our games use identical player scoring. Every time your player performs a fantasy-worthy play on the field, you are awarded points ... or, for less favorable plays, deducted points. The points for each starter are added up and, if your team scores more points over the weekend than your opponent, you win the game!

Offensive Player Scoring

Passing Touchdown4
Rushing or Receiving Touchdown6
Thrown Interception-1
Offensive Fumble Lost-1
Rushing or Receiving Yard Gained.1 (1 pt for 10 yds)
Passing Yard Gained.05 (1 pt for 20 yds)
Passing, Rushing or Receiving 2-Point Conversion2

Place Kicker Scoring

Extra Point Made1
Field Goal Made3

Defense & Special Teams Scoring

Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown6
Turnover Caused2
Quarterback Sack1
Each Point Scored by Opposing Team-.3 pts
Starting Points10*

* Defense & Special Teams begin each game with 10 points, and can go downward as well as upward as the offense scores points against them.