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How Fantasy Football Works from an Owner Perspective

Once the NFL season begins, you'll be tasked with a number of activities each week. The following chart can give you an idea of what to expect each day of the fantasy week. All times are Central Standard Time.

Monday MidnightTrade Window OpensThe new week begins. Trades may be proposed and accepted throughout the week.
Wednesday 9pmWaivers ProcessedWaiver wire players are players that were recently dropped from another team. You may place blind bid on these players each week. You'll have $500 of bidding money to last all year, so be frugal.
Wednesday 9:15pmFree Agency OpensAll players who received no bids during the waiver wire process now become free agents, and may be picked up for free by any team. Of course, you must drop unwanted players to make room for any pick-ups.
Thursday Game TimePlayers LockedHave your starting lineups ready by game time. As the Thursday games begin, any players in games are locked in place, whether in your starting lineup or on your bench. You can drop benched players after their game starts, but you cannot pick up free agents after their game starts.
Saturday NoonTrade Window ClosesAt noon on Saturday, the trade window closes. No more trades may be proposed or accepted for the week. This leaves 24 hours for trade reviews before the majority of Sunday's games begin.
As Each Game BeginsPlayers LockedModify your lineups as you wish before each game. As the weekend progresses, more and more players become locked in place, and unavailable as free agents. Take time to watch the games.
Tuesday MorningGame Results PostedEarly on Tuesday, you'll see the game results posted to your standings page. These are tentative results, and can change if the NFL changes its game stats.
Thursday Mid-dayFinal ResultsBefore Thursday's game begin, usually early in the day, results are made final. Even if the NFL changes its statistics after this time, it will no longer change your fantasy game results.